360 Is All Around Us!

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With the growing popularity of immersive virtual reality, 360-degree video and photography possess abundant potential in today’s market. Massive media platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook have already adopted 360-degree content in the form of posts and live streams. Similarly, companies like Go Pro, Nokia, and many others are investing in this revolutionary concept to enable people to explore new and unique ways of creating content.

As a growing trend, 360-degree video and photography also serves as an excellent marketing tool to promote products, services, and creative concepts. To help you catch the waves of this new form of visual content, JD Louis Creative Media have illustrated what 360-degree video and photography is along with its purpose for different industries.

What is 360-degree photography?

360-degree photography can be explained as a controllable panoramic photo that surrounds the viewer or point from where the picture was taken. These images simulate the feeling of being present at a specific location as it allows you to look around, up, down, and even zoom in as if you are walking about in that area, like in a Google Maps image.

What is a 360-degree video?

A 360-degree video is also a panoramic visual. It is captured through multiple cameras or a dedicated camera with multiple lenses that film overlapping angles simultaneously to produce a

360-degree video.

The advantage of 360-degree videos and photography

The public well receives both 360-degree videos and photography content as they can experience demonstrations distinctly while also becoming engaged as active participants. For example, hotels with a large environment to demonstrate can use 360-degree content to give potential clients virtual tours of the hotel and its rooms as if they were there in person. Real estate companies, hospitals, and care facilities can similarly create virtual tours.

Creating unique viewing experiences for product or service videos allows for a fresh new approach to communicating brand messages. The traditional narrative can be expanded by new ways of seeing the world through a 360 lens!

The interactive features of 360-degree videos and photography can even be used to offer people a front-row experience at concerts, games, and other live-event. The possibilities of promotion through these virtual reality solutions are limitless as they garner attention by offering something fascinating through means that most businesses are yet to explore.

Moreover, when a company makes a noticeable attempt to get attention, they manage to boost their visibility, conversions and secure loyal audiences, which contributes to its brand equity. If you’re looking to amplify your brand in a similar way, it’s time you incorporated 360-degree content into your marketing program.

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